My name is Bernard A. Williams, and I'm running for State Representative in the Pennsylvania 198th Legislative District. The 198th is in the Lower Northwest Region of Philadelphia, including East and Southwest Germantown, Sommerville, Nicetown, Logan, Tioga, Allegheny West, Swampoodle, and East Falls. I have been working in our district and its surrounding communities since I was fifteen years old. Last year, I realized that young people like myself need to have representation in Harrisburg: someone that will advocate for the issues of the millennial generation as well as older citizens. So I have decided to run for State Representative in the 198th, because we need to put hope back into our communities. Hope For Our Future is what my team and I stand for.  Hope is what people need in order to start creating change in their communities.

We advocate for education, social justice, and economic development.  To move towards a future with hope, we must fight for education through social justice and creating an economic plan that works for all people. I hope you will donate, volunteer, or vote for me on May 15, 2018:  with your  support there is  hope for our future!

- Bernard A. Williams